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Welcome to Campusby The Poetry School

What is Campus?

Well, it’s a social network for poets

CAMPUS is a community-driven online platform bringing together poets from all over the globe. It’s free to join and open to poets of all levels, from beginners to pros, from all backgrounds.

We believe that conversation is the best kind of learning experience, and CAMPUS aims to create a fully accessible online space to help you attend, apprehend, investigate, explore, discuss, debate, experiment, discover, practice, articulate and express your poetry in the company of friendly, committed and passionate fellow-poets.

Gain unique access to a growing community of hundreds of poets, and take part in a high quality selection of open workshops and online courses, all created to teach skills, prompt new writing and foster continuing artistic development for everyone.


Meet and discover new poets

Build your unique online profile, then become friends with other poets. Submit posts, post links, upload poems, send private messages and share feedback. Start your own writing groups, creating exclusive areas for discussion, ideas and projects for you and your friends.


Create poetry together

Take advantage of our many online tools and messageboards – including Group Chat (an MSN Messenger-style group chat room) – to help promote your work, discuss poetry and forge new collaborations with other writers and new audiences. See your writing featured on the CAMPUS blog, and even take part in your own digital residency.


Increase your poetry knowledge

Enjoy a high quality programme of free activities and educational resources, including regular panel discussions with professional poets and rising stars, take part in free writing workshops to discover new styles and ideas, or enjoy exclusive essays, films and competitions, all delivered by prize-winning writers, respected editors and publishers, and experienced poetry specialists.


Write better poems

Enrol on one of The Poetry School’s ever-expanding range of online courses, where students are set assignments, submit poems and participate in live chat sessions with tutors. Consider a wide range of poetic techniques - such as rhyme, syntax, voice and lineation – be featured in a CAMPUS e-pamphlet, and acquire the confidence to present your poems for publication.

Where ever you may be

Log in to CAMPUS anytime, anywhere, on any device

Who is The Poetry School?

The Poetry School is a grassroots poetry organisation and educational arts charity based in Lambeth, running activities in London, across the UK, online and all over the world. It is the UK’s largest provider of poetry education. You can read more about our values, vision and mission here.

CAMPUS was launched in 2013 and is the first social network dedicated solely to poetry and poets that is underpinned by demonstrable educational rigour. You can read more about why we built CAMPUS on the CAMPUS blog.

Or why not try reading one of the many high quality poems produced by our students on a weekly basis, such as this or this or this or this or even this?

Over the coming months, we’re developing a lot more features and expanding our courses. If you’d like suggest ideas for improvement, or get involved, email We’re literally all ears (ok, figuratively).

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